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twisty-girlTWISTY GIRL

BARBARA LAMB – 2009 Lots of Coffee Records

In 2008 I started performing a solo show using a looper pedal, other crazy pedals and lots of hand percussion, some of them household items like wine glasses. I played most of the instruments on this record with some help from Scott Vestal, E. Scott Esbeck, Mike Bub, Jim Prendergast and Kirby Shelstad. This is the first time I put tabla on a record. I wrote the tune Twisty Girl for my friend Meredith Gould, a yoga instructor. That woman will twist you into a pretzel if you are willing.



DAVID LAMB and BARBARA LAMB – 2007 Lots of Coffee Records

David Lamb is my father. He plays the fiddle in the Swedish style and writes lots of tunes. I talked him into recording a duet record of his favorite Swedish style compositions. There is a sprinkling of Swedish flute and bagpipe here as well.

bootsy-met-a-bank-robberBOOTSY MET A BANK ROBBER

BARBARA LAMB – 2006 Lots of Coffee Records

I used a core band of players with Jeff Autry, Mike Bub, Butch Baldassari and Scott Vestal with special guests Tim O’Brien, Mollie O’Brien, John Cowan, Kathy Chiavola, April Verch, Marc Bru and Jack Irwin. It is bluegrassy with twists.



BARBARA LAMB – 2003 Lots of Coffee Records

This is a mix of traditional American fiddle tunes and original songs and instrumentals produced by Joe Craven. Joe brought his creative playing and musical ideas to these sessions adding a bit of latin vibe here and there. The musicians on this record are Joe Craven, Jeff Autry, Charlie Cushman, Dave Roe, Rob Ickes, Tim OBrien, Jaimee Paulich and Melinda Doolittle.

blue-on-dakotaBLUE ON DAKOTA

BARBARA LAMB – 2000 Lots of Coffee Records

This is my first record on my own label. E. Scott Esbeck is the producer. I wanted to do something completely different from my past recordings and Scott made that happen. I had been playing with Laura Love and was very influenced by her rocking funky style. Eight original tunes mostly co-written with Esbeck and three covers are played by Jerry Douglas, Missy Raines, Tim O’Brien, Doug Lancio, George Bradfute, Paul Griffith, Scott Esbeck, Jack Irwin, Mike McAdam, Derek Jones and Bob Dellaposta.

tonight-i-feel-like-texasTONIGHT I FEEL LIKE TEXAS

BARBARA LAMB – 1996 Sugar Hill

While planning this record I thought about all of my musical influences: bluegrass, oldtime fiddling, Texas contest fiddle tunes, western swing, cowboy and cowgirl music and jazz. I wanted to incorporate all of them into one project. The list of musicians on this recording is lng and quite glorious. Ranger Doug Green and Joey Miskulin of Riders In The Sky, Sarah Majors, Pasi Leppikangis, Scott Vestal, David Parmley, Mark W. Winchester, Larry Stevenson, Jim Prendergast, Mike Dowling, Tony Trischka, Jerry Thomasson, Laura Love, Jo Miller, Nancy Katz.

fiddle-fataleFIDDLE FATALE

BARBARA LAMB – 1993 Sugar Hill

During my tenure with RR, I signed a solo deal with Sugar Hill. Produced by Tim O’Brien, this was recorded mostly in Nashville, TN. We recorded one day in Seattle, WA so that we could use Ranch Romance on a couple of tunes. The musicians on this record include Tim O’Brien, Scott Nygaard, Ben Holmes, Tony Trischka, Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, Joe Craven, Ed Gately, Mark W. Winchester, Pete Wasner, Jo Miller, Nancy Katz, David Keenan and Nova Devonie.


RANCH ROMANCE – 1989, 1992 Sugar Hill

I was a founding member of an all female western/yodeling band called Ranch Romance. We were based in Seattle, WA and formed in the 80s. This is the first of three records we recorded as a band. We released this on our own in 1989. Later it was re-released by Sugar Hill in 1992.

blue-blazesBLUE BLAZES

RANCH ROMANCE – 1991 Sugar Hill

This is RR’s first Sugar Hill record after we officially signed with that label, released in 1991, produced by RR singer and guitar player Jo Miller.

flip-cityFLIP CITY

RANCH ROMANCE – 1993 Sugar Hill

The final recording by RR, released on Sugar Hill in 1993, produced by Tim O’Brien.


VIVIAN WILLIAMS AND BARBARA LAMB – 1975, 1984 Voyager Recordings

My fiddle teacher Vivian Williams and I really enjoyed playing twin fiddle tunes. One fiddler plays the melody and the other fiddler plays a harmony. We recorded this record in two sessions in Vivian’s house in the mid 70s. It was first released on vinyl back in the day when that was the only option for record releases. We were backed up by Vivian’s bluegrass band Tall Timber.

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